Here at Healthy Ph@tt Living we are passionate about our and your physical and mental health and promote a weight-loss program that is sustainable. ​

This uniquely designed program is an easy to follow 3 step process using only the best non-toxic nutritional products to make sure YOU have all the support your body needs to achieve your health and weight-loss goals.

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The Program

How it works

The Ph@tt program has been specifically designed to balance your hormones during the detox phase to actually teach your body to lose weight. We rest and repair the gut by mono-eating during this phase, the low-calorie intake is sustainable because we support your body with the best nutrition on the market

​If you are looking to lose 10kg-15kg this program is for you, and it can be done over again if you have more weight to lose.

​This program also helps many people with depression, skin disorders, high blood pressure, Diabetes, problems conceiving and countless other ailments.

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There are no shakes, it’s real food – protein & vegetables.

We offer support by way of an online group, and an individual mentor to help you stay on track. No one does this program alone.

Seek medical advice if taking other medications, and before beginning the program, consult with your healthcare professional.

News and Information

Hormones and Diet

OK let me start this blog by saying categorically I am not a doctor but what I am going to share is my personal journey and experience plus what I have learnt along the LONG road that is living with Endometriosis. Being a woman and living with periods is quite...

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Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that is growing in its occurrence. It is a complicated disease that needs careful monitoring to manage it. Maintaining good blood sugar levels can greatly reduce the risk of complication. One of the ways to achieve this is to follow a...

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Facts about this condition: It is a chronic condition that causes pain in the muscles and bones. Common symptoms are feeling tired and sleeping poorly. It can cause problems with concentration and memory. It can lead to anxiety and depression. Other effects can...

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+61 419 369 652

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